Step by step Experiment


I want to document the process of my next experiment. This is so I can look back once it’s finished and review what layers work and which I could have changed. Since these current pieces are so focused on layers, this documentation of each layer works well.





Water and ink wash. With paper towels put on top when the wash is still wet.

I wanted to get rid of the stark white background, since the sky in the photograph isn’t white.

I added the paper towel textures because I wanted to create imperfections and impressions of where the trees would sit on top.







Putting ink on wet bleach in areas where the foliage is dense. What I found worked best is not adding too much bleach at once, so bits of the paper have been left. Then when you add the ink, it doesn’t bleed into all areas, just some, creating the impression of dense branches:


Next I added white pastel, to highlights on branches, and tree trunks I wanted to stay pale.











So far I like the half finished look of the piece. The fact that nothing is too detailed and specific makes the piece more interesting than my last experiment, which tried too hard to give too much away. There is a fine line between over working and underworking a painting.

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