Completed Experiments


This is the first experiment I completed in ink, bleach and pastel. I am not too happy with outcome but I needed a piece to test the medium with. The problem I think is I was too controlled. Although my brushstrokes are fairly random and fast, the movement of the brushstrokes itself if too constrained. I was too heavy with these brushstrokes in ink, and the white pastel which meant I ended up fighting against what I had already put down to create something better.

The shading and texture on the main tree works well, it’s the trees and branches that surround it that is the issue.

At first I thought to just leave the piece and move on. But since having a talk with my tutor I am considering re-working the piece soon. Now that I have a clearer idea of what works and how to get what I want from the materials.

Perhaps washes of colour or white, to cover marks and build up layers. Letting parts show through, like the main tree, and others cover to build on top or leave blank.. hmm.


This second experiment is much more successful. I was careful not to apply too much too fast. Pausing between layers and making conscious decisions about each mark. I also used some new techniques, like using a pipette to drip and mark the page with ink. And dry brushing bleach onto the page, then adding ink which bleeds into areas the page has bleach.

This approach gives the medium more control, and allows me to describe less and give more of an impression.

The sense of height has also been captured well here, perhaps because there is less detail and ink at the top of the page.

I want to do another experiment in the same mediums, pushing this technique further, and pushing the limits of impression and abstraction.

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