Finishing the reworked experiment

This is the final three stages of reworking this piece, with the finished piece on the far right.

I kept adding layers of charcoal, ink and chalk, and taking away by adding layers of white acrylic (some washes and some opaque layers).

I am much happier with the piece now that I’ve reworked it. It has far more depth and the scale is much better; it now suggests one is looking up at the tall trees far above.

Reworking this piece has allowed me to play around with adding and subtracting elements, and how to layer effectively. Since I wasn’t happy with the original painting, I felt I could push the layers further and try new things with much less pressure to make it look good.

Although the outcome is still the most successful in final appearances, I have learnt lots from the process, which I think is equally important in this project.

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