Final Experiment

After doing some compositions tests in my sketchbook I decided on this composition.

I wanted to log the process of the experiment, so I could look back and analyse what worked and what didn’t.


Washes of oil paint, based on the colour sketches I did in the woods. Then added ink + bleach which only sticks to areas where there is no oil paint.


Adding charcoal that sits on top of the oil paint and ink.


What worked well 

The colour palette and amount of oils applied worked well, leaving room for the ink to sit and create depth.

Loose dry brushes of ink and bleach works well to create the impression of leaves and clustered branches.

Landscape composition suggests large forest that continues off the piece.

What didn’t work 

The piece feels very cluttered, with lots of unnecessary marks. I think I overworked the piece slightly. I should have left longer gaps between working on it, to give myself time to think about what the painting needed.

I still think I haven’t captured enough depth with the layering of colour and ink.

I could have added another layer of oil paint after applying some ink. However I can’t apply more oil paint after putting charcoal down, since the charcoal mixes with the paint to create a muddy grey colour. If I had more time in this project I would like to experiment with adding multiple layers of oil. And try acrylic paint as well, since that might work better as a water based medium with ink.


This piece has been successful because it has helped push my ideas forward, leading me to question how I can better my technique to support my process and concept work.

Although this is the final piece for this project, I feel as if this piece is an indication of how I could keep moving forward with the project.

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