A1 Experiment

This the space I picked to paint in for the next experiment. Before I settled on this spot, I walked around the woods, looking around lots and thinking carefully about what sense of the space I wanted to capture in the work.

I chose this area to paint in because in front of the easel (in the photos above) there was an opening in the trees, allowing a canopy of branches at the top and trees on all sides – reminiscent of the rectangular shapes I am adding to my paintings.

I painted the piece in two sittings, both at similar times of the day, similar weather and in the same spot – I wanted the painting to describe one continuous experience, instead of two very different sittings.

When applying the tape, I decided to apply a few initial areas of colour before putting the tape down. I suspected this would make the white lines feel less stark and flat.


This is the finished piece, after removing the tape, I am very pleased with the outcome.

What worked well

Adding layers of paint before putting tape down worked really well to add depth to the painting, implying an experience has multiple layers to it, which I think it does – since there is memory, present surroundings, emotion, sound, sight, touch, smell etc. all layered up in any present experience. < Thinking about this now suggests I could be layering more then?

Working over two days worked at creating a more considered atmosphere. The choice of colour and paint marks felt more informed; I had more time to see the piece with fresh eyes and come to better conclusions about what the piece needed to be finished.

The scale worked really well because it meant I could fit more texture, colour and create an atmosphere of space on the paper (which is what I want since the woods have a strong sense of space and height). I used the same size brushes than the smaller pieces, and these sizes I think are suited to A1 scale work (and maybe larger?).

What I’ve Learnt from this piece 

  • Working bigger is more effective.
  • Layering under and over the tape works extremely well – there is potential here?
  • Painting in multiple sittings and taking more time to consider my choices when painting is evidently a more successful method of working.
  • I might benefit from using a more accurate method for adding the rectangular shape to the paper. This would create a better illusion.

What Next 

I need to collect my thoughts and review the project before making any more conclusions about where my work could go. Since the end of this project is fast approaching I need to work towards a conclusion.

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