Wire test for line work

I wanted to make a wire sculpture of the shapes I have been adding to my paintings to help me draw lines with angles that create the illusion of depth more effectively. It is hard to tell whether a viewer of my work would be able to ‘see’ the depth of the shapes I am sketching, since I am so invested in the idea. Perhaps I should test the shapes on people unconnected to my project and see what they perceive.

I wanted a small scale piece, that used less wire and was easier to move around. But I realised whilst making it, that working on a bigger scale with the thickness of wire I had would have been easier.

After getting a guide with the wire, I transferred the images to Photoshop and added black straight lines on top. These lines would be my guides when adding shapes to paintings in the future:

Doing this small scale test has helped me to know how I can create the illusion of towering box shapes with simple abstract lines.

(I am going to test these images on people and see how easily they can see the shapes.)

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