Adding ink landscapes back into my work?

This A3 test in my sketchbook combines an ink painting of woodland, using the technique I developed last term, with the abstract paintings in acrylic layered on top. Normally I paint the acrylic en plein air, but for the purposes of this test I worked in my studio, from a photograph, because the important test here is combining styles and working in the studio meant I could get my idea down much more quickly.


After completing the experiment, I know that this style is not something I want to explore further now. Perhaps if I continue with this work after the project ends, I could push the idea further but there needs to be a lot of adjustments to the style and method, a lot of time and experimentation, and from this experiment I can’t see it having enough potential to be worth taking forward.

The issue is that the combination of both ink painting and abstract colour leaves the piece feeling very busy. So busy that neither style has space to show it’s full potential. The piece is left feeling messy and confused.

I am glad I did this small experiment, it has shown me that moving forward I want to focus on abstract lines and shapes. I think the reason I brought the ink back was because my comfort zone up until now has been work with recognisable descriptions of the world – not in total abstraction. So I had a calling from past paintings to bring back recognisable shapes into my work. I now know that for this work to be successful I need to embrace the abstraction, since that is where my work is being most successful and has the most potential.

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