White tape lines don’t work! Experiment Reflection

Oil w/ Liquin on paper, primed with acrylics. Painted in one sitting in the woods.

The white tape reveals the flatness of the paper. It looks disjointed with the rest of the painting. I think the problem is not that the tape lines are white, but that they are a different colour to the background of the rest of the painting.
Having these thick tape lines the same colour as the background colour makes the painting look complete, and the structure looks as if it belongs in the scene.
The problem is also that the white is not something that has been applied on top of the paint – where colour and depth could show through the white slightly. What this painting has is a white that is as flat as possible, and reveals the plane furthest to the ‘back’ or bottom of the painting.
If the white were to be applied on top the structure would comply with the rules of depth and perspective I am using, and would reinforce the structures presence in the painting.

I do however really like the brushstrokes and paint handling in this painting. There are nice thick strokes of paint and accidental and interesting scratch marks on the surface that give the painting a feel of confidence and depth. I want to replicate this painting attitude to bigger paintings in the future.

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