Thinking about & researching sculpture in my work

Sculpture as a tool for my paintings.

My paintings have a focus on the dimensionality of the structures. After seeing Cassell’s sculptures, I see the potential of using sculpture as a tool to create 3D structures that tie woodland canopies and cathedral interiors together.
These 3D structures can then be what I base my painting structures on. This has the potential to make my paintings far more informed, refined and dimensional than before. But it will be a challenge since I don’t have much experience with working in 3D.

I need to consider what material would best suite my intentions.

Page comparing air drying clay and ceramic clay:
Air drying clay seems appropriate for what I am doing. As long as I make a solid armature to support the clay, I don’t have to worry about the dangers and technicalities of firing and ceramic clay, since this term is short I want materials I am more comfortable with!
Also air drying clay can be reworked and rewetted multiple times, which means I can play around with ideas.

Page about the ‘armature’/ support for air-drying clay:
^suuuper useful page

Armature for air dry clay horse sculpture

This image from that link made me realise how I can make delicate shapes using these kind of supports, and then adding air drying clay on top.

I think this could really work and I’m excited about the potential.
Next I need to do think about designs for these sculptures considering a number of things:
– woodland canopies – drawings of these en plein air – in ink, pencil, charcoal…
-cathedral interiors – drawings of these inside a cathedral – Lancaster one probs – again in ink, pencil, charcoal… whatever fits
– the artist Cassell – what was successful about her work in relation to what I want to achieve.
– the artist Emma Kunz (Serpentine Gall. exhib) – drawings inspiration for shapes, how could they be translated into 3D?
– what is technically possible
– what is time wise possible


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