Notes and images from a trip to Manchester Art Gallery

Lowri seems to treat each person in his image with equal importance. Equal importance and therefore equal unimportance. 

Each had their own story. 

Louis giovanelli

Darkening painting. 

Her work would fit into the tight rope exhibition at the white cube I saw a few years back. 

Egyptian party. I love how there are no descriptions / titles next to each painting. Very refreshing. As an viewer I feel as if I have creative freedom. 

Why the crazy colours? It’s like she’s having a party with these things. ‘Rave’ 

Incredible radiance to white lines. Suspect lighter lilac painting underneath white first. Depth very present of white lines. Oooo yum. 

Contemporary, fun , graffiti, sellable, rich. AHH 

What if I went to a workshop/ class led by Halima Cassel? 

Concentric circles and cross guiding shape is a ‘framework’ here. Perhaps more of that in my own structures. 

Online zine put on website as well as printed copy ? 

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