Sculpture Process

After the ink drawings I wanted to see how the shape would sit in 3D. And also use the method of paper mache again for the second time. Refining my method to make a sculpture that is more complex and larger than anything I have made before.

The finished sculpture

Kasia said the finished white shape reminds her of bones. And Pip said to me my structures could seem to some like a ghost, ruin, a forgotten representation of religion and these holy buildings.
There are themes running through these comments! I want others opinions… Perhaps I could hold a group crit? After I do a big oil painting using the sculpture.

What works: (process & completed piece)

Minimising the amount of times I had to attach two pieces of wire together. I wanted to avoid this so that the piece would be as thin and un-clunky as possible. Because wrapping the wire together creates bumps and lumps in the linear design.
To avoid this I thought about building the structure as I would a continous line drawing – trying to build the shape without breaking the wire as much as possible. This method worked really well. The structure is sturdier than the last one and required less clunky wire attaching.

The size. The bigger the better! With this size you can begin the appreciate the model because it is large enough to and look up into the inside of the structure and appreciate it as if you were standing inside it.

What didn’t work: (process & completed piece)

Using thin wire to join two larger bits of wire together makes a very clunky end result.
The paper mache does a great job of smoothing out the joins, but it makes the wire look clumsier than the shapes in my paintings.
There is something interesting about the joins – something organic – Kasia said it reminds her of bones! I am intrigued to see how the sculpture would look if the joins were precise, and didn’t have these blobs.
Perhaps I could solder the wire together?

Sort of a point: the process is a very slow one! This sculpture took hours and hours to make. It is a very delicate, intricate process. But the result! I think is worth it :).


I want to make lil people to go inside the structure! Inspired by the artist Panini.

I also want to do a big oil painting and add the structure to it. Using the method I began last term of projecting an image of the structure onto the painting to use as a painting guide.

I am also going to be exhibiting the sculpture in King Street Galleries in the un/covered exhibition. I want to hear people’s opinions of the work when they are given no background info on me or my work!

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