Second ink painting write up

What works

Minimal FUSSING – Simpler shapes and marks. Work like the artist Ross Bleckner. He layers and layers but the end result has simple form, just the texture is multi-layered.

The positioning of the structure and the lines being more accurate.

Using the ink drawing to capture the atmosphere in the abstracted structures.

This ink drawing (as well as the one before it) helped me to figure out how I should design the structure in sculpture form.

Size and proportions of the paper. Fit the shape of the structure and allows for good length.

What doesn’t

The white dripping doesn’t make sense withe the gravity of the space. The white should be dripping out left and right and not just vertically down. This would make the paint drips looks like they are suspended in the middle of the structure!! Wouldn’t it be cool if I could achieve that. GASP. Next ink painting I’ll have to try that.


Another ink painting with the white drips making sense with the perspective!

To make a sculpture of the structure. I like this structure shape enough to make it in 3D and use it in a big oil painting.

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