Mini people in my sculptures…

After looking at Panini’s paintings I am wondering how this sculpture would change if I added little sculptures of people walking around the space? I initially made this digital mock up of what I imagine.
The little people would give the space a relation to something more real. But it might take away from the abstractness of the structure, because the shape then more clearly becomes the framework or ‘bones’/’skeleton’ of a building. (Those ‘words’ fit the sculpture so I’m testing out using them).

I made some very simple figure shapes out of clay to test the idea:

I positioned them standing in the space or walking around in it. Some of their heads are angled up as if they are looking up into the space.
I thought it was important that the shapes are engaging with the space – walking, looking around, standing with each other, to give the figures as much life and movement as possible from such simple shapes!

Using a wide angle camera is very useful for photographing the space with as much of the structure in frame as possible.

The sculpture immediately appears as a model. The abstract, weird feel of the shape is transformed into something familiar.
The structure looks like an architectural model. Without the mini people, the shape had no relative scale and so the structure size could have had any meaning.

Adding the people reduces the abstract qualities of the structure. There is less mystery.
But do the mini people add anything? They make me want to get my eyes down to the same level that they are at. I want to see the structure as they would. I am far more aware of the space between the figures heads and the top of the roof. This space becomes a more prominent feature of the sculpture, which is good. The height of the sculpture is emphasised.

I want to know what others opinions are on the little people. I can’t conclude what I think of them just yet. I will have to give it some thinking time…

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