Comparing my oil painting to my ink paintings

It’s great to be able to have works of different mediums next to each other in the studio.

It shows how much stronger the oil painting is at creating a sense of space and depth. And how much dimensionally stronger the structure in the oil painting is, because the lines have been layered under and over marks to create a sense of depth.

It’s easier to compare these two paintings, because I think the ink painting better holds its own next to the oil painting.
This is because this ink painting has many layers to it, which means it has the same complexity to the oil painting.

Differences between the two:
– tone!
– oil painting very opaque, ink painting very transparent. Which produces very different effects of layering.

I have never compared one of my ink paintings with one of my oil paintings before, because I have not had an oil painting strong enough or large enough to do so in the past. I didn’t expect to be doing this but since their both on my wall it seems natural!

Comparing them is a good exercise in (finding the flaws and) defending the different mediums. Picking at what they do well, what they stand for, and why I am choosing to work in those mediums.
So far it seems when I compare them, both works appear weaker than before! HMM. I’m going to have to think.

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