Wide angle lens vs. normal lens

Going back to wide angle lens vs normal lens, I thought this image that Nuria sent me was relevant:

She sent me this footage of a church (the Tibidabo basilica in Barcelon, Spain). The angle and height of the church is great for comparing to my structure images and thinking about which lens is best.

Normal lens sculpture image over church photo.

^ It fits almost exactly. So the perspective of the sculpture with a normal lens is accurate.

Photo of structure taken with wide angle lens layered over the church image.

The wide angle lens distorts the top part of the roof, therefore the sculpture image doesn’t line up with the church.
The image of the sculpture is flattened and abstracted into lines, because it does follow perspective rules that match what the naked eye would see.

Now I know this, I want to do another large painting which uses an image of the sculpture that has a normal lens.


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