< I have decided to re-visit this painting that I thought I had completed only last week!

I wrote about what was wrong with it here. But after being with the painting for a little longer, and talking about it with a friend, I realised I could adjust the structure lines which might resolve the issues with the dimensionality of the structure.

My intentions are to reconsider which lines need to sit ‘in front’ of the brushstrokes and which need to sit ‘behind’. I want to push the back of the structure further back, and bring the front of the structure further forward, to make the structure and therefore the whole painting appear as a three dimensional space.

This is where I’m up to so far:

I need to stop working on this painting now!
But I do think that reworking it has really improved the structure. The space in the painting feels more dimensional now, and I have minimised the effects of using a wide angle lens for the structure shape.
The finished painting:

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