Notes from ‘6th Annual General Meeting’ More Music networking evening on 27.11.19

Is the perception of time generational? I.e. our culture is getting faster so is time speeding up? And do older generations have a slower perception of time than younger generations?

Lancaster City centre is no longer the place for shopping. Then what do people go into town for?
For entertainment, for meeting up with people, for culture?
What does this mean for the future of cities?
If everyone does their shopping online, then perhaps culture, the arts will benefit from this because cities become places of leisure, immersing in culture etc. That would be good! Keep an eye out for this.

How does one deal with a climate emergency that requires choices to be made prioritising the future, when our culture and society is ever more increasingly expecting everything they desire instantaneously?

To deal with the climate emergency is a matter of imagination. If people can imagine say a car free life, then it seems doable. A bit like me with veganism – when I saw people doing it, I saw it as a doable thing and the negative connotations were removed.

This event was great. Meeting other local practisioners and getting involved with the local arts community. The good thing about the arts community in Lancaster and Morecambe is it’s so welcoming, and small enough that one can quickly come to recognise people and faces.
The event got me excited for post uni, thinking about where I want to be and who I want to be meeting and networking with.

I went to the event with Kasia and as we were talking about our practices with others, I realised that our working processes are very opposite; Kasia works slowly, contemplatively, erasing, building, removing, adding, shifting, and the medium she works with never dries or sets, and is monochrome. My work on the other hand, especially my plein air painting, is incredibly fast, impulsive, relatively fast to complete, and un-erasable, it is also extremely colourful. Kasia works with distant memories, I work with the immediate experience of the now.
This is so interesting! Our would could not be more different, and yet compositionally and gesturally, there are similarities.
I love that this dialogue between my work and Kasia’s has developed over the years we have been studying at Lancaster!

I hope this will be first post of many where I post not just about my studio practice directly linked to university, but also about work that I am doing next to or outside of that.

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