Hanging paintings for assessment

I realise that I have been hanging my paintings a little too low in the past. Since the work is about height and scale they need to be hung so that the viewer needs to look up at them slightly, to enforce the sense of height and scale and the experience of looking up. This idea also goes back to the first cathedral painting I saw in Edinburgh when I first started painting religious interiors, this painting was hung so high up that at my eye level I was looking at the bottom fifth of the painting. This was probably partly due to the great height of the room the painting was being hung in, and my studio is not that tall! So I don’t want to be too extreme.

Too high. Looked a bit ridiculous.
Current height. Might bring right painting down a bit, still looks a bit too high and ridiculous, but I’ll sit with it for a bit.
This is how the painting looks when I stand in front of it and look up.
It’s quite nice because you have to look up at the arch of the structure at the front of the painting, as you would if the structure was real.
Brought the right painting down a couple of inches, this looks right when you are standing in front of it and fits proportionally with the left painting, but it’s high enough that you still have to look up to see the structure. Sorted.

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