A note on my phone when photocopying: Amy Sillman inspired

I wrote this on my phone when photocopying a page in a book last term. I found it sifting through my phone notes today, and thought it was still interesting:

It’s interesting how a painting or a body of work can have no interest to you, until conceptually it has meaning. I am giving Amy Sillman’s work meaning by giving it a purpose. I am thinking about her work in relation to my ideas and my painting, that’s when work gets really interesting for me.

It’s interesting that she hangs them [the works] altogether, as a moving piece. If I did that it could be moving in and around and out of the structure!! A series of works.

^ I love this idea of a series of works that captures one subject from multiple locations, viewpoints. It’s like taking the idea of an instillation, where the viewer can explore the space for themselves and see the work from a multitude of places in space, and applying it to the 2D. So the viewer can’t decide where they stand, like they could in an instillation, but it presents the viewer with something that could be more atmospheric and imagined than any real instillation could ever be.

Perhaps this could be a thing!?! What if I built the instillation and then did a series of works on it… that could be cool as well.

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