Imagery Inspiration: Gothic cathedral stain-glass windows

Another web find. I don’t think this idea would translate so well to a painting because the light I would be painting is ‘flat’ i.e. the panes of glass that are letting the light in are flat, and so if I painted the light onto the painting it wouldn’t describe the depth I would like.
Regardless of this I am going to log the idea here, in case it is applicable in the future.
The idea is to glaze window pane shapes into the painting, which is essentially adding the opposite to what the structure lines were: where the structure lines describe the structure of the building, the frame of the building, this glazing window pane idea would fill in everything but the panes. Suggesting there is a structure present.
The flatness of this idea is the only thing. Unless I painted ‘panes of light’? That would look kinda sci-fi video game-esque! Panes of semi transparent light arranged as planes on the canvas. Hmm.

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