Glazing large canvas, so far

The things I have been struggling with so far:

– Patience! It takes at least 6 hours to dry between layers, which means a lot of waiting.

– Not making the canvas muddy. I haven’t finished with it yet, but at the moment the canvas is very dark and murky. Adding some more vibrant colours on top like a bright yellow or a bright blue, or even a white glaze(?) might brighten things up. Plus I am adding this column of light to the painting so that will increase the brightness of the painting.

– Paint getting caught in the grooves of the dry paint. It adds to the muddiness of the painting and looks kind of weird when you get up close to the painting. To avoid this I need to apply the glaze thinly to the canvas and make sure I spread the paint really thin over the grooves, using a small paintbrush to smooth out places where the paint has collected if necessary.

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