Sources of light in an older painting

Looking back at this painting I did about a year ago, I notice now that the brushstrokes have a gradient of light to dark from the top to the bottom of the painting. That’s one of the reasons I think this painting is (still successful).

The circled top centre of the canvas is really bright, making it look like there is a stream of light coming from this point. The circled brushstrokes further down and to the right of the top centre are the second brightest, and the light from the top appears to hit these marks. This is supported by the marks becoming darker down the canvas.

This gradient of light and suggested source gives the painting atmosphere and depth. Suggesting that the space continues past where the eye can see, towards the source of light.

How did I not notice this before!? I will keep this in mind for future paintings. It seems like this column of light idea I’m doing at the moment was kind of revealing itself in this work from a whole year ago.

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