A sound walk

I listened to the episode ‘Everywhere: The Pond’ and it was so interesting. The way they asked the listener to walk to a pond, be that a puddle or a huge lake as the podcast was going. Then overlaid were sounds of someone walking in the natural landscape, the landscape itself, and people talking about their memories on frozen lakes.
By asking the listener to walk, find water, roll up their sleeves, feel the cold, the memories the voices spoke of seemed more real to me, more applicable to me, closer to me. I’ve never experienced something like that before.

I had also never heard of a ‘sound walk‘ before, but it’s interesting. It is ‘a walk with a focus on listening to the environment‘.

Also this!!!!: https://www.wfae.net/#

There are some cool eco soundscapey things out there.

Next I want to do some reading into what soundscapes do. To us listening, what their importance/ use is to artists and anyone else.

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