Colourful Crayon Drawings In Scotland

I bought some crayons and some coloured paper on the way to Scotland last week, after realising I was going to all these awesome places but I had no way of drawing them. I drew from inside a forest in Glencoe, Scotland, and I drew from inside Glasgow Cathedral.

I am writing about these sketches here because it feels like a good place to start. Writing about work I make seems to help me process it. I am currently sitting in my studio, looking at the unfinished painting and the blank canvas on the walls. After so long without a full practice, I feel confused as to where to start. I have all these ideas of what I have made and what I could make, but none of it feels rooted in anything that makes sense, that has logic, at the moment. So here we are! Writing this.

Next I am going to do some acrylic paintings in my sketchbook en plein air exploring this divided background and line between the holy and the non holy.

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