Freelands Painting Prize Opening

Last week was the opening of the Freelands Painting Prize 2020. There was a COVID friendly online opening event, and then the physical show opened the day after.
It was a wonderful experience to take part in such a show, there were interesting conversations had at the zoom opening event which I wish I could have continued, had the opening been in person.

One thing I said on the call, which I am writing here as a record, is that my course ending early taught me something that was inevitable: my work is very location based. If I live and work in a new location, the subject of my work will change, and that will bring big changes. After months of living at home in Dorset, and then now a few months in Lancaster and London, I am processing the change this made to my work. This is something that will take a while.

Another really exciting part of the exhibition is the catalogue, which contains an essay by the writer and art historian Ben Street. I am going to share what he wrote about my work in another post.

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