Painting Process: Red underpainting

I picked this red underpainting to add around the blue mesh in the middle. It feels positive to get rid of the white background and fill the canvas!

I have been thinking a bit about the boundary between the ‘heavenly’ or the ‘otherworldly’ and the touchable, earth we spend our lives on. This was inspired by some paintings I saw in the National Gallery in London this summer (I did an earlier blog post on this).

The boundary between the blue and the red:

This is perhaps the place where the space crosses over from one to the other? The blue being the unreachable heavenly other, the red being the earthly we are bound to.

This is early thinking. It’s interesting because it’s rooted in very Western ideas. Very medieval ideas! Ideas that I’m not sure I think too strongly about? Then again perhaps they are rooted in me in some way?

This is interesting to think about. Painting is a way of processing and testing these thoughts. Carry on.

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