Music in the painting process

I had never thought music was something that influenced what I paint. This now seems a bit silly, since when I think back to plein air painting moments that were really great, I was always listening to something. Most memorably to classical music.

I listent to this podcast called Classical Fix. It’s a BBC show where musicians are invited onto the show with the host, and together they listen to 5 classical songs picked for the guest. I’ve found so much great classical music through it, a genre I had always been intimidated with in the past.

This song came up on an episode lately and I am now entranced with it. It is this song.

Walking back home this evening I stopped by a patch of wild woods. I put this song on and looked up, to watch the silhouettes of the bare trees in the last of the daylight. The branches seemed to stir in the wind as the music rose and fell, it was a moment that immediately put into my mind impressions of mystical forests, with some alien, sci-fi element, intense light beaming down, and dark, inky colours. I was stirred to make a painting. The quality of the moment demanded of me I make something quality with my hands (or attempt to!).

The song played a key part in this creative spark, and in the moment altogether. I took out my earphones briefly and felt the meaning, the other worldly-ness melt away.

Now looking back, painting without music, or without some podcast or phone call which evoked a mood, I can’t recall any memorable instances.

This has sparked an evaluation of music in my practice. I want to read about music and painitng, read about music and environment, make work with music in. Woohoo!

Oh and that painting idea I had whilst listening to that song: I want to do that. I have the picture in my mind! If I were to put that song back on, and perhaps be in that same environment, could I explore that idea further… is that a thing!?

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