Painting No.4

The sky overhead was semi-transparent tones of grey, with soft ultramarine blues coming through. The sky moved quickly (as it always does I guess!). At one point there was a circular hole in the misty clouds, to reveal a blue sky above, covered in a thin veil of grey haze.
I painted just off the path in a field we say is ‘just opposite the Jane Eyre house’. It used to have horses grazing in it but it got bought and recently has been given a gravel public path through it, and a shiny new gate entrance. I spent time in the field on the field next door, which is still privately owned I think, this spring and summer. I remember sitting in the field doing some ink drawings when it was blazing hot. I can remember crickets chirping in the long dry grass, and I remember wondering if it is too hot to be out here today.
When I painted today it was 3 degrees celsius! I wore two layers of everything and a hat! to keep warm.
I was feeling pretty steady, chill in my mind, today when I went out to paint. I started making thin marks, with the intention of making circular shapes to continue on from painting no.1. But alas! A different day and a different location, and I want to make a painting that is complete in itself. Thinking on this whilst I painting, I had the idea to paint with multiple stretched canvases, each say 1mx1.5m as per (car size). To take them out all at once and have enough time to paint them all in one location, in a day. Each painting could be multiple ‘angles’ of the same location. The weather would change, my mood would change, it would be an interesting record of an entire day. And make a much bigger picture when it is done! I think when I am back in Lancaster with stretchers on hand, I will try that maybe.

Today I had quite a few people approach me. Two parents and kids, one man asking how to re-paint a skateboard, some older couples, one man of which said he used to(?) paint, more realistic sort of thing. I get told that a lot, it seems, when I am out painting. Huh!

I surprised myself with this painting. It was done so fast, and I really had to focus to respond and put the paintbrush down.

A snap of the finished painting

So much underpainting on show! Tomorrow I shall take more care with making the underpainting even since it might possibly be on show!

The orange in the background looks sort of like the sky, but orange? It works. And the lines create a sense of depth, and like someone commented, like it is going somewhere. I feel really satisfied with this painting.
I’ve never made anything like it before.
It is totally not-designed.
It is completely improvised on the spot. No design, previous intention required. Pure plein air painting, a pure response. I am getting it out. Let’s see where it goes next!

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