The word ‘relativity’. It’s definition:

1. the absence of standards of absolute and universal application.”moral relativity”

2. PHYSICS the dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects, especially regarding the nature and behaviour of light, space, time, and gravity.

Definition from:

That is important to my painting. The paintings I make are utterly dependent on relativity. My paintings could not exist without it – pondering a world without relativity is trippy – our whole human existence could not take place without relativity.

Each painting is relative, to a specific time and location. I am not uncovering any general truth, as relativity in physics may see it. I am painting something which is relative, which is un-universal, which is one small part of a much greater, larger, general experience. One fragmented part, of a much larger… larger what? Shared earth, shared air. That is the universal. I can notice my direct experience of David Abram in this!

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