Painting No. 6

I had a break yesterday. I was really in the flow, and didn’t want to take the day off, but I wanted to get other things done. Going painting today, I felt like I had lost some of my rhythm which comes from the routine of painting everyday. I knew where I wanted to go, the same field I painted a few days ago, but this time from the other end of the field.

I spent lots of time in this field during lockdown last spring. You have to walk through this field to get to all the walks beyond. I drew this field a lot in lockdown also, I felt like I had a connection this field, I associated it with feelings of wanting, of walking… I did drawings like these in that field:

It’s strange to look back on these now. This is the first time I have looked at them with distance from when I made them. Huh.


I really wasn’t in the mood today to talk. I knew where I would be painting was right next to a busy walkway, and that meant people approaching me! Thinking about it, I spent a considerable amount of time painting today thinking about the people, how I should talk to them, what I should say, what they will say, what is right to say and wrong, what I should expect. Which is ironic because this was the day I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

I had a few people coming up to me and asking to have a look. That’s a strange experience, because I am letting a stranger look at an abstract work that isn’t yet finished. I am being vulnerable. And have no clue how the person looking at it is going to react. It’s a funny thing that! My studio, my roaming studio 😊, is completely public.

No one came up to me today saying they used to paint. In fact I didn’t speak to many people today.

I bumped into that lady again, which I have seen twice now already when I have been painting on different days. Today she was with a friend who she introduced me to. Bumping into her again made me smile. We now know a bit about each other. It’s not often that kind of thing happens! I appreciate it.

There was a group of men from the council strimming and chopping at the undergrowth in the near area, so for around half of the time I was painting, there was super loud machine sounds drumming away. That was a bit of a challenge! It’s why I painted that big red stripe down the middle. And some blue marks on the left.
Once the men had gone though, I was more aware of the sounds around me. I will even say more so, than if the men with machines hadn’t been there at all. I noticed the song and painted the canvas with fitting colours and marks.

The finished painting (of which I don’t yet have a photo), makes nods towards SCIIII-FIIII; the blue and orange rings in the sky certainly seem that way.

This painting took the longest to do, out of the series so far. It took longer to latch onto what was giving me energy to mix and make marks. What I mean, is that when I paint, I paint what comes to me and plants the colours and shapes in energy for me to transfer to the canvas. Today, that process was slower, more disjointed, to begin with. Perhaps it was the noisy machines? Or that I wasn’t in the mood? Or the general location? But in fact the painting is done, and it’s interesting. Onto tomorrow 😁.
(That’s what I like about this series of paintings: each day means to begin again)

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