Researching Old Maps

A really interesting article:
Here are some quotes from it:

These extremities of the map, past the physical border of the Earth’s disc, represent the spiritual domain.

The presence of these supernatural events, beings, and locations means that we cannot view the Psalter Map as a purely navigational tool. Nor should we, as it was never intended to be such, but was rather designed to serve a greater spiritual purpose than mere geography. The creators of the map were reconciling their Christian belief with the immediate physical world they saw around them. For the inhabitants of Christendom in the c13th, the existence of the Garden of Eden was as important as the geographical location of London.

^!!! Fascinating. How can this attitude to a map be played with in my paintings?

By examining maps like the Psalter Map and the Hereford Mappa Mundi we can glean a sense of how the medieval person saw their place in the world around them both geographically and spiritually, and just how intertwined they believed those two realms to be.

Good examples of maps and definition of cartography:

Pushing the perception of maps! This is really interesting:

Great resource:

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