Reading Susie Hamilton, selected and interviewed by Paul Newman for CBP.

Read the interview here.

It is as if you encounter the abstract impact of a painting before you know what it represents.

It’s fascinating the way she abstracts a familiar so much that becomes unfamiliar. And an unfamiliar scene we see with fresh eyes, seeing again for the first time the strangeness of the pandemic and the medical events it has caused.

Hamilton explains her intentions behind her work in the interview, and once you are looking at the drawings, it becomes clear that those intentions are very much achieved. But it’s getting a viewer to look, to be open to discovery, that is the tricky bit. You want an eye-catching painting, one that will grab eyes, but still the viewer can then look away. I guess one cannot force the viewer to look anywhere! And yet there is wisdom in the drawings that make me want to show them to the world! Is that then when the space surrounding the drawing comes into it? The room it’s in, the social, economic room, be that virtual or in person, it’s hanging in?

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