New map drawings and questioning their purpose

How can a modern map serve a ‘greater spiritual purpose’, rather than being for ‘mere geography’?

What could a map provide that the viewer/maker might need? Is it that something that can be decided? Or is it decided by the maker because it is what they need? (Which in this case is me!)

Why am I painting this map of Agnes?
To understand how I feel? To reflect on how I am feeling?
To affirm my experiences? To learn something about myself?
To take a bunch of messy memories – past experiences living as feeling, colour, shape, sounds, textures in my brain, and find a cohesive frame to articulate it?

Charcoal sketches, spatially arranging the island, finding ways to articulate the geography within the frame of a cuboid piece of paper:

I drew for a day and a half, thinking about the painting composition I’m going to use.

Drawing and re-drawing the island St.Agnes. I just feel like I’m trying to squeeze too much into one painting… I don’t think I should paint the whole island in one painting. Maybe just half of the island, or 3/4 of it.

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