The start of my artist in residence at Bankside Hotel, London

I moved in today to this new studio in the centre of London. It hasn’t felt real until today; being in here, setting up, getting my things out, tidying, putting music on, being alone, and then starting to draw! It’s feels amazing – grounding, peaceful, I am in my natural habitat again!!

The space is long, with one entire half of the studio being huge glass windows out to the courtyard beyond. The river is a minute from me, and there’s a cute cafe round the corner. When I shut the door to outside I can hear no traffic!!! A godsend.
After working in the studio in Morecambe for a year where I could constantly hear the music playing outside and people walking past, this is pure peace.

I’ve got three new drawings on the wall which I made today. It feels amazing to put something original up. The three drawings I did looking at three sketches I did of a memory of walking towards a large London Plane tree.

I am interested in this transition from exterior to interior when moving beneath trees.

London planes have this wonderfully drippy canopy. As expressed in this plein air drawing I did a few days ago:

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