St Ives 2.3.23

I’m here!

I think I want to do a hike tomorrow. It’s supposed to be grey for the next few days, boo! I think I’ll set off West around the SW Coast Path towards Lands End, and see how far I get, perhaps to around Zennor.

I also want to look into doing a yoga class or two here, there are some that are run in Porthmeor Studios.

I swam in the sea today! Bracingly cold, in my hands, because every other part of me was kept very warm by my wetsuit.

I also drew up on the headland with St Nicolas Church on. With my back to the church facing West I drew in charcoal and oil pastel. My first time making since leaving Manchester, so a good 3.5 weeks ago. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to be doing in St Ives. I am leaving it very open.

I would like to compare my existing approaches. What am I drawn to in this new setting?

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