St Ives 11.3

Leon and I did a 17.5 mile hike yesterday! We did part of the Tinners Way, and went to see Zennor Quoit, a bronze age rock arrangement thing. It was grey and rained all day!!! I kept saying the word theatrical – Leon made fun of me for it. We walked inland, along the moors up high for the first half of the day, in heather and gorse. Then we passed through the town of Zennor, went in the church, which was beautiful, and then onto the South West coast path. The coast was very rugged, very dramatic. Every time we walked along a bay, it would be a drum roll please moment when we walked over the headland and saw the next bay in front of us. Immense, that’s how it felt.

The Zennor Quoit rock was a very charged place. I felt like I had to be respectful of the inner chamber of the site, like I shouldn’t go in. I hadn’t felt like that in a place before, such a charged energy. I deleted the photos on my phone of the inner chamber, it felt wrong to hold onto them.

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