St Ives 17.3

Thoughts from my walk back from the studio

I need to find a word for the rock stone sites.

What does it mean to paint these sites. How do I feel about using these sites in my painting? These were meaningful sites for humans thousands of years ago, they have a modern meaning today as well – Cornish identity?

I have this thing about always being an outsider, a tourist, from being separate from this place. This place means what I mean, it is always re-invented when a person comes the site. If anything else I’m adding new meaning.

Why am I painting religious, ritualistic sites? Do they still have meaning? What am I seeking from these? I am creating models of places of meaning. Am I trying to model my own meaning? Playing with meaning. Meaning that is rooted to land, to a specific place. I think I seek meaning.

I feel like a child when I make those cardboard sets.

How does the lived experience come back into this body of work? Does it need to? It will be whatever it will be! My job is to notice and listen.

What I did today

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