St Ives 26.3

Bit of a chaotic day today! The clocks changed to summer time and I didn’t realise, so when I thought I was waking up at 7.30am I was actually waking up at 6.30! So running on around 6 hours sleep… However, I finished the Tinners Way today! Happy days. A quick hour and a bit long. I saw Carn Quoit which also had the same atmosphere to it as Zennor Quoit.

In the studio from 4pm onwards, I started two big paintings! Excite. I have definitely lost momentum here. I’ve learnt a lot about how I would like to do a residency in the future – my set up, social life, etc etc. I will do a blog post about that after I finish here to reflect.

With all my new work hanging on the walls it’s become harder to make new stuff, that’s what I’ve been struggling with. Now there’s a body of work I feel like what I make has to align with what exists. Open studios was yesterday and so I am literally being started at by all the work I have made here.

The big works are really calling me. I suspect when I get back to my studio in Manchester I will crack on with quite a few big-uns. Get them out of my system.

I’ve got the first painting I want to overlay with gestural memory of lived experience hanging ready to be painted. Well not ready actually, I’m being told to pause.

I really like the two black underpainted memory paintings I’ve got hanging up:


The dark background adds high drama to the paint on top.

I am really excited about practising stopping when a painting is done. Listening. It’s always way before I expect to be done.

I’m going to get an early night tonight so tomorrow I can get up early and enjoy the rest of this studio for the final few days. It’s such a joy. Ready for dinner!

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