Georgina is an artist based in the North-West of England.

Georgina works to understand how a lived experience of a religious interior and woodland space can be communicated to a viewer through sculpture and painting.
Through painting Georgina is recording a location based experience with colour and gesture, and through sculpture she is understanding how this recorded experience can be framed within a structure and observed from inside or outside.

Georgina paints abstract landscapes that describe both her external senses and her internal experience of a space, the paint marks are a balancing act between these two things.
The sculptures are inspired by forms in religious architecture she sees in person or in images. The sculptures are also drawn into paintings, to create the illusion of depth in her paintings, by layering the shape over and under brushstrokes.

Georgina is currently thinking about life size sculptures for instillations, and paintings that are looking at the outside of a lived experience…