Georgina is an artist based in the North-West of England.

Today in Britain, we struggle to know what forests mean to us.  Georgina uses painting and drawing to investigate this issue.  She does this by looking at the ties between forests and religious architecture, ancient systems of belief and the experience of looking up.  Georgina works outside in oil paints, to portray her ‘lived experience’ of being in a forest.  The abstract brushstrokes describe her external senses and her internal experience of an environment.  Georgina’s work aims to expose the mystical traditions surrounding British forests, but she hopes the colourful, abstract style of her work also invites the viewer to not take the paintings too seriously! Instead the viewer can play with finding their own meaning in the paintings.  Fundamentally, Georgina attempts to challenge what our local parks and forests mean to us, and she works towards art that encourages a symbiotic connection to these spaces.