My work is concerned with land, memory and phenomenological experience. I paint and draw in acrylics, oils, and ink, sometimes working outside in any weather. I work quickly and instinctively to map my bodily experience of a place, using colour and gesture to describe emotion and sensation. My paintings tread the line between landscape and abstraction. I attempt to challenge landscape painting by depicting an animacy in the land, which traditional landscapes overlook. In doing so I hope my paintings offer viewers a space to consider their own emotional and physical entanglement to the land they live on and pass through.

​Georgina graduated from Lancaster University in 2020 with a BA in Fine Art. She went on to win the Freelands Painting Prize 2020, and co-found an artist collective and studio space called The GAP Studio in Morecambe, Lancashire, where she runs public facing, place-based projects and a podcast. She recently completed a studio residency at Bankside Hotel London with the gallery Contemporary Collective. She is currently based in Manchester, at Depot Studios.