St Ives 23.3

What’s the difference between painting a site I had a touching experience with and a site I didn’t have a touch experience. For example, Zennor Quoit was a site I visited and felt something at. Whilst the cliffs below Kenidjack Cliff Castle in West Penwith was a memorable day, but I didn’t have a connection…… Continue reading St Ives 23.3

St Ives 18.3 I have been painting a burial chamber. Completely taking it out of its context. I’m taking the shape and putting it in an empty room, with no colour, no landscape. I am painting the site removed of landscape and removed of its materiality. No weather, soil, earth, living thing, wind, or sun.…… Continue reading St Ives 18.3

St Ives 17.3

Thoughts from my walk back from the studio I need to find a word for the rock stone sites. What does it mean to paint these sites. How do I feel about using these sites in my painting? These were meaningful sites for humans thousands of years ago, they have a modern meaning today as…… Continue reading St Ives 17.3

St Ives 16.3

I don’t think my paintings are really about the place anymore. The paintings are about painting. I am using the form, dimension, architecture of the coast here as form, dimension and architecture in my painting. It feels strange. Maybe I have always been doing that, but it’s been under the guise of place-based making, relationship…… Continue reading St Ives 16.3

St Ives 15.3

Reading about Peter Lanyon I realise I never write about places being in a particular place with a person. It’s always just about the landscape, devoid of human. I wonder if that will begin to change? It reminds me of Howard Hodgkins. I want to ask, how do I not just replicate these artists? Remake…… Continue reading St Ives 15.3

St Ives 15.3

Today was beautiful weather and Leon and I went on a hike, more of the Tinners Way, the next stage West picking up where we left off from the last hike we did. The weather was blue skies all day, cold but you could feel the sun, and the wind got calmer throughout the day.…… Continue reading St Ives 15.3

St Ives 13.3

It’s 10.40am and I’ve just arrived in the studio. My mind feels very busy, and I’m not sure what I’m doing. I feel annoyed. I feel like I haven’t been able to focus for the last few days and that’s frustrated me. The weather is lovely for the first time in many days, it’s still…… Continue reading St Ives 13.3

St Ives 12.3

Could I invent dioramas, not based on real landscape views, but based on memory, and inventing my own landscapes from things I’ve seen and am interested in in the landscape. Let’s try! Drawing. Today I made this cardboard sculpture of Zennor Quoit. This is the site I have based this sculpture on: Making the sculpture…… Continue reading St Ives 12.3

St Ives 11.3

Leon and I did a 17.5 mile hike yesterday! We did part of the Tinners Way, and went to see Zennor Quoit, a bronze age rock arrangement thing. It was grey and rained all day!!! I kept saying the word theatrical – Leon made fun of me for it. We walked inland, along the moors…… Continue reading St Ives 11.3

St Ives 10.3

The theatre/stage is an exciting metaphor to think about the sea because these words have connotations of being enacted by humans. We humans necessarily make pictures in our minds of our places and our world. But we can only do this by selection, putting some things into the picture and leaving the rest out. And…… Continue reading St Ives 10.3