I actually looked

I actually looked at my painting in progress. Eyes stopped flitting, mind stopped on overdrive. Eyes sloooowed. I looked, that’s it. The textures, colours, edges of shapes, layers of paint, energy on the surface. I opened myself up to what was right in front of me the whole time. My feet stopped floating and I…… Continue reading I actually looked

Johnathon Sacks and community

I have been thinking a lot recently about community and morality. These are two very serious words! They conflict with my urban, displaced and twenty-something stage in life typically associated with the flighty, frivolous and selfish years. I read this book a few months ago: Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times by Johnathon…… Continue reading Johnathon Sacks and community

A painting in progress

I’ve been working on this for 4 sittings spread over 7 days, which doesn’t seem that long really! I’m kind of struggling to know what to do with it next. It turns out not spacially orienting myself in the world of the painting before I start putting colour down leads down a winding, unclear, frustrating…… Continue reading A painting in progress

Painting a square study

I don’t think I’ve ever painted using a square surface before, and never for a plein air painting. I decided to use a tiny square board for a study quite randomly, and the results are interesting. As soon as I started painting in the spot I had picked, my focus was on describing visceral and…… Continue reading Painting a square study

New painting

How can a painting be attached / detached from place? place | pleɪs | noun1 a particular position, point, or area in space; a location…2 a portion of space designated or available for or being used by someone: they hurried to their places at the table | Jackie had saved her a place. • a vacancy or available position…• the role played by or importance attached to someone or something in a particular context: the place of computers in improving office efficiency….3 a position in a sequence or series, typically one ordered on the basis of merit: his score left him in ninth place.Apple Dictionary I feel this is what I…… Continue reading New painting