Nathan Coley: Tentative Words Change Everything A really interesting outdoor instillation series. The neon phrases positioned in the Sussex landscape are powerful yet nuanced; “They challenge us to look again at the world around us and – ultimately –  at ourselves.” The neon signs cast a narrative over the landscape. They direct the viewers thoughts, they invite a deeper contemplation.…… Continue reading Nathan Coley: Tentative Words Change Everything

Day 2

It’s day 2 in the studio, and I’m a bit stumped on what to do. It’s 5.47pm (It doesn’t feel like it) and I’m wondering whether to start a new stretched smallish canvas or not. I spent some time preparing a digital design and then sketch for a painting back in London, of a run…… Continue reading Day 2

Upcoming workshop in London

On Thursday 11th (this week!) I’ll be hosting MAPPING OUR CITY, a creative workshop in my studio, as part of my residency at the Bankside Hotel and Contemporary Collective! In this workshop we will experiment with drawing, collage and painting to explore abstract painting and alternative map making. Learn how to create artworks just from your…… Continue reading Upcoming workshop in London

Some current thoughts

The studio has got lots of new works in it today. One is finished, I think. Two have painting to go. I want to reflect on all of these, and my recent turn towards making work in the studio, making, actual, big, paintings in, the, studio!! It seems the worlds I want to build are…… Continue reading Some current thoughts

A new painting & digital painting edits! Oh and I have no idea what I’m doing

I love listening to podcasts in the studio, and today I was listening to an episode of The Savvy Painter Podcast with the artist Michael Mccaffrey. One of the things they spoke about during the episode was that Mccaffrey feels like he goes through a process frequently, whereby he will ‘get ideas, rules, [and] systems…… Continue reading A new painting & digital painting edits! Oh and I have no idea what I’m doing