The medieval universe and a painting by Botticini

I am looking at paintings titled ‘The Assumption of the Virgin’, they’re all paintings from the Renaissance or older. The most compelling ones, to me, are the ones with incredible rendering of dark and light. It appears that light is really important for creating atmosphere in a painting. There’s something tangible, something present, something palpable […]

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Artist: Amy Sillman

I am revisiting the work of Amy Sillman because I am interested in how she exhibits her paintings/drawings in lines, like washing lines, very close together: or like this: I really love this format for form focussed works- such as my ink drawings. The works communicate to each other, a bit like a sentence. I […]

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A sound walk

I listened to the episode ‘Everywhere: The Pond’ and it was so interesting. The way they asked the listener to walk to a pond, be that a puddle or a huge lake as the podcast was going. Then overlaid were sounds of someone walking in the natural landscape, the landscape itself, and people talking about […]

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Hughs R. (1991). The Shock Of The New, Edition 2?, London: Thames and Hudson Ltd

‘The silence of nature itself, in which the random noises of culture were swallowed up – was one of the dominant facts of medieval life, outside the cloister as well as inside it.’ P.324 ‘…might well have exceeded anything we take for “normal” cultural experience today. Now we see the same cathedral through a vast […]

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