Artist Maria Chevska

Foremost a painter whose works emerge through the interaction of idea, material, and process, she values the ability to embody the unseen, unique to this medium, yet often expanding its boundaries and its potential agency, through a wider multi-disciplinary practice. Website: I want to research this artist in more detail after discovering her work…… Continue reading Artist Maria Chevska

‘Landscape, Memory, and Place’ exhibition catalogue

I want to look and catalogue the work of the artists involved here, after reading the theory behind their work. Maria Chevska¬† Broad brushstrokes making sweeping statements. Use of straight lines and angles to break up space and add dimension to an otherwise flat painting is an interesting idea. Perhaps one I could adapt for…… Continue reading ‘Landscape, Memory, and Place’ exhibition catalogue

Artist Moira Dryer

Canadian artist, 1957- 1992. Colour and paint texture to create atmosphere. Heavy reliance on materials (paint) since there is no subject. The paint texture carries the mood. Letting paint drip and bleed, releasing control of paint. Repeated (but not uniform) pattern in painting reminds me of something natural, where repetition and order can be found.…… Continue reading Artist Moira Dryer