Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

I mentioned a number of artists in my sketchbook, but here I wanted to keep a visual record of the artists that made the biggest impression on me. By viewing them together I can see the main theme is abstraction and the suggestion of a larger picture. By that I mean the patterns and shapes […]

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Why add colour? and artist Howard Hodgkins

I have been talking about using colour throughout this project. Before my motive has always been because I want to capture the atmosphere of landscapes. Looking through the book ‘Howard Hodgkins Absent Friends’ published by the National Portrait Gallery for their 2017 exhibition, I realise that colour has the potential to be used for more […]

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Texture, control, layering & Artist Mal Levittoux

After my previous two experiments I have become interested in texture, control of the medium and layering different techniques to create the impression of a landscape. Below are some paintings from the RA Summer Show 2017 that I visited last year that demonstrate this idea well. Both of these paintings play with this idea of […]

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Impressionism and ‘Painting The Modern Garden’

This passage from the book ‘Monet to Matisse – Painting the Modern Garden’ captures why I was drawn to the subject of natural light in landscape, particularly the idea of capturing ‘fleetingness’. I have selected some impressionist paintings from the book that link and inspire my project. Looking at all the pieces I picked together, […]

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