Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

I mentioned a number of artists in my sketchbook, but here I wanted to keep a visual record of the artists that made the biggest impression on me. By viewing them together I can see the main theme is abstraction and the suggestion of a larger picture. By that I mean the patterns and shapes…… Continue reading Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

Why add colour? and artist Howard Hodgkins

I have been talking about using colour throughout this project. Before my motive has always been because I want to capture the atmosphere of landscapes. Looking through the book ‘Howard Hodgkins Absent Friends’ published by the National Portrait Gallery for their 2017 exhibition, I realise that colour has the potential to be used for more…… Continue reading Why add colour? and artist Howard Hodgkins

Artist Bae Bien U

My recent experiments reminded me of Bien U’s photographic work of trees and forests. It was the monochromatic filter and the misty background that is similar to my current experiments. It’s been interesting in my most recent ink experiments trying to capture a sense of height and ‘loftiness’ to the treetops. Looking at these photographic…… Continue reading Artist Bae Bien U

Texture, control, layering & Artist Mal Levittoux

After my previous two experiments I have become interested in texture, control of the medium and layering different techniques to create the impression of a landscape. Below are some paintings from the RA Summer Show 2017 that I visited last year that demonstrate this idea well. Both of these paintings play with this idea of…… Continue reading Texture, control, layering & Artist Mal Levittoux

Artist Piet Mondrian

Lived 1872-1944. Completing B&W experiments of light coming through trees has illuminated the shapes and patterns that can be captured in these scenes. I was first interested in Mondrian’s work because of the contrast between his paintings of nature and his grid-like abstract paintings. I want to explore how these styles are linked. < One…… Continue reading Artist Piet Mondrian

Impressionism and ‘Painting The Modern Garden’

This passage from the book ‘Monet to Matisse – Painting the Modern Garden’ captures why I was drawn to the subject of natural light in landscape, particularly the idea of capturing ‘fleetingness’. I have selected some impressionist paintings from the book that link and inspire my project. Looking at all the pieces I picked together,…… Continue reading Impressionism and ‘Painting The Modern Garden’