Final Experiment

After doing some compositions tests in my sketchbook I decided on this composition. I wanted to log the process of the experiment, so I could look back and analyse what worked and what didn’t. Washes of oil paint, based on the colour sketches I did in the woods. Then added ink + bleach which only…… Continue reading Final Experiment

Current Experiment

Experiment in oil washes, ink + bleach, charcoal and white pastel. The colours I chose reflect the mood, atmosphere, feelings I had before and after I took the image, walking around the woods with a friend. What worked well  Layering lots of mediums creates lots of texture and depth that works well on this scale.…… Continue reading Current Experiment

Current Experiments

I wanted to experiment with colour for my next experiments, so I began with two small primed pieces of paper and did washes of oil. I used oil because of the vibrant colours available and the texture you can achieve. The different coverage and texture was to see how that would affect the look of…… Continue reading Current Experiments

Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

I mentioned a number of artists in my sketchbook, but here I wanted to keep a visual record of the artists that made the biggest impression on me. By viewing them together I can see the main theme is abstraction and the suggestion of a larger picture. By that I mean the patterns and shapes…… Continue reading Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

Completed experiment and moving forward

I continued with the same combination of mediums for this piece; ink with brush and pipette, white pastel drawn on and sometimes smudged. I used paper with less texture for this experiment which I don’t think worked as well. Paper with more texture gives pieces a more ‘painterly’ feel, with more prominent brushstrokes and texture.…… Continue reading Completed experiment and moving forward

Completed Experiments

This is the first experiment I completed in ink, bleach and pastel. I am not too happy with outcome but I needed a piece to test the medium with. The problem I think is I was too controlled. Although my brushstrokes are fairly random and fast, the movement of the brushstrokes itself if too constrained.…… Continue reading Completed Experiments

Step by step Experiment

I want to document the process of my next experiment. This is so I can look back once it’s finished and review what layers work and which I could have changed. Since these current pieces are so focused on layers, this documentation of each layer works well.       Water and ink wash. With…… Continue reading Step by step Experiment