Final Experiment

After doing some compositions tests in my sketchbook I decided on this composition. I wanted to log the process of the experiment, so I could look back and analyse what worked and what didn’t. Washes of oil paint, based on the colour sketches I did in the woods. Then added ink + bleach which only…… Continue reading Final Experiment

Current Experiment

Experiment in oil washes, ink + bleach, charcoal and white pastel. The colours I chose reflect the mood, atmosphere, feelings I had before and after I took the image, walking around the woods with a friend. What worked well  Layering lots of mediums creates lots of texture and depth that works well on this scale.…… Continue reading Current Experiment

Studio Set Up

Tidying and cleaning my studio puts me in a better phrase of mind to make more. Taking down work that had become less relevant keeps my studio wall relevant and focused. Ink drips on the floor and on the wall are building up. There is a clear history of what has been made before.

Reference photos #3

This set of images was taken by chance when walking through the area I noticed how unusual the light and colours were so I started taking photos. Because of this spontaneity, I have more memory associated with the images. It will be interesting exploring how this memory association will affect the pieces based on these…… Continue reading Reference photos #3

Current Experiments

I wanted to experiment with colour for my next experiments, so I began with two small primed pieces of paper and did washes of oil. I used oil because of the vibrant colours available and the texture you can achieve. The different coverage and texture was to see how that would affect the look of…… Continue reading Current Experiments

Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

I mentioned a number of artists in my sketchbook, but here I wanted to keep a visual record of the artists that made the biggest impression on me. By viewing them together I can see the main theme is abstraction and the suggestion of a larger picture. By that I mean the patterns and shapes…… Continue reading Images of artwork from library research & reworking experiment cont.

Why add colour? and artist Howard Hodgkins

I have been talking about using colour throughout this project. Before my motive has always been because I want to capture the atmosphere of landscapes. Looking through the book ‘Howard Hodgkins Absent Friends’ published by the National Portrait Gallery for their 2017 exhibition, I realise that colour has the potential to be used for more…… Continue reading Why add colour? and artist Howard Hodgkins

Workshop inspiration

This is the board of experiments I did in acrylics for a surface painting workshop. I particularly like the top left section of the board. Using washes of pure colour with a matte medium. It creates a luminous and textured image that is similar to what I want in my colour experiments.