Artist: Andrey Remnev

Why do I want to look at Remnev’s work His paintings have a mood of mystery, closed emotion, setcrets People interacting with surroundings – lots of context e.g. history, location, placement of the body, which provides narrative. Use of fabric in compositions – how does this contribute to the above comments on Remnev’s work?  Remnev works in…… Continue reading Artist: Andrey Remnev

Painting #6 In progress

This experiment on un-stretched canvas, I wanted to try painting on a different textured surface.  Underpainting in thinned burnt umber. Based on same collection of sketches as previous painting.  What I’m trying with this piece  Thinning the paint with Liquin. This means I can apply lots of thin layers that dry faster than normal and…… Continue reading Painting #6 In progress


I discovered a podcast whilst researching the artist Felicia Forte last week. The podcast is called ‘Savvy Painter Podcast with Antrese Wood’. They’re conversational interviews with artists and the first I listened to was interviewing Felicia Forte. It was a great episode to listen to to understand Forte’s work from a more personal view of the…… Continue reading Podcasts

Artist: Felicia Forte

I first saw this artist at the BP Portrait Award 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery this summer. I was struck by Forte’s technique of layering the paint (in gradually thick layers) onto the canvas. Leaving parts of the canvas quite bare, so early layers can be see, and to the right of the figure’s…… Continue reading Artist: Felicia Forte

Life Drawing to Painting ex.3+4

With these next experiments I wanted to try painting from drawings of new mediums and experiment more with painting more instinctually.Charcoal drawing from life, 20 mins.I picked this drawing because of the tonal detail I made and the notes of colour written on the body, making a pretty comprehensive drawing to paint from. By chance,…… Continue reading Life Drawing to Painting ex.3+4

Artist: Denis Sarazhin

Contemporary artist, born in Ukraine, 1982. Initial thoughts about Sarazhin’s work. chiaroscuro – more recent work interlaced bodies portraits placed figures reminds me of people sleeping – the awkward angles their bodies are in It is hard to describe the way I interact with these paintings, because the mood Sarazhin has captured is not tangible;…… Continue reading Artist: Denis Sarazhin

Visual Mindmap

These are a collection of artists that I have been drawn to over the course of summer. Unintentionally, there are themes that can be seen in this collection of artists and artworks: Content of the paintingsĀ  People and the positioning of bodies is a key theme. Tender interactions between people OR tender paintings of single…… Continue reading Visual Mindmap