Reading ‘Landscape and Power’

Mitchell, W.J.T., 2002. Landscape and power 2nd ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press. I read the selected chapters of this book over a few weeks, making notes here as I went. I read this book to understand how my intentions and landscape painting fit into landscape painting in history. And also to understand the British (and western)…… Continue reading Reading ‘Landscape and Power’

Artist: Clare Woods

Rubery Hill47 x 68 cmEnamel on MDF2000 Cold East122 x 183 cmEnamel on MDF2001 These paintings above, Woods says, are painted from many photographs taken at night. She would put use the camera flash to photograph undergrowth. Black Vomit Mistaken Point250 x 1050 cmEnamel on AluminiumThe Hepworth Wakefield2011 Woods works from photographs of British landscapes…… Continue reading Artist: Clare Woods

Artist: Pieter Jansz. Saenredam

This is the painting that I saw and sketched in Edinburgh’s Scottish National Gallery. The use of perspective, space and height captured is wonderful. The more I sketched the painting in the gallery the more I realised it had parallels with the structures in my work. Pieter Jansz. Saenredam The Interior of St Bavo’s Church, Haarlem…… Continue reading Artist: Pieter Jansz. Saenredam

New Brushes!

I bought a few new DIY brushes for painting on big canvases. They range from 4.5″ down to a rounded 1″ brush.Here is a collection of all the brushes I’ll be using on my next painting from biggest to smallest!

Oil and white charcoal experiment reflection

<Painted enplein air at sunset standing here. With this experiment I tried bigger blocks of colour, a more limited and thought out colour palette, longer brushstrokes and less brushstrokes. The result is interesting I think! Less brushstrokes means the scene feels vast and emptier, with the space between marks very apparent. The dark green background…… Continue reading Oil and white charcoal experiment reflection