Ink Structures cont.

I completed this ink drawing whilst looking at this image of the woods – I took this morning when I was painting outside.
With these ink shapes I am mimicking the shapes I see inside cathedrals. Like someone said when looking at the ink drawings: 

The shapes look like you’ve cast the inside of a cathedral.

This is what I’m doing in my head I guess when I make the drawings! And I want this idea to come across with the structures.

The cathedral shape could be flatter on top, not as pointed. This would make the shape fit better into the canopy of the trees and the gap opening up to the sky. Or maybe the shape needs to be taller so that it fills more of the space under the trees. Either way I like this shape! I want to some more tests and then try it out on a big canvas!!

Photos of Cathedrals

I want to do some sketches of cathedrals, where there is great sense of space and height much like forest spaces. Here is a collection of images of cathedrals and gallery spaces (that seem to use the same architecture as cathedrals) I took around Europe last year. The buildings are a different style to the Cathedrals in Saenredam’s paintings, so it will be interesting to see if the same ‘structures’ can be applied.