Researching Old Maps

A really interesting article: are some quotes from it: These extremities of the map, past the physical border of the Earth’s disc, represent the spiritual domain. The presence of these supernatural events, beings, and locations means that we cannot view the Psalter Map as a purely navigational tool. Nor should we, as it was […]

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Checking In

So hi. It’s been a while since I wrote about how things are going in the studio. This, writing on here, is an integral part of my studio practice, is something I don’t what to let slip away. Thinking through writing = important! Since I last checked in, I’ve finished two new paintings, they are: […]

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Reading Amy Sillman’s Frieze interview Philosophy of Doubt

She has developed a pragmatic philosophy of painting that mobilizes doubt, treating mark-making not as a grand testament to an artist’s skill but as an invitation for us to follow and think alongside her. The curator Helen Molesworth has deemed Sillman’s approach to painting as exemplary of a virtuous ‘unknowability’ and describes this as emblematic […]

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Frieze article: What Makes Artist-Run Spaces Flourish experimentation always happens when there’s no market, there’s a recession or a war. it’s during these low points in socio-economic history that our culture really leaps forward. to paraphrase Lee Lozano, the easiest discipline is the best. I was also interested in engaging with a community that is not about the market, but about […]

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